Dr Pickles

Dr Pickles started humbly in 2010 when co-founders, tattoo enthusiasts and above all, brothers Luke and Xenon Soden noticed that due to a lack of an alternative, people with fresh tattoos were applying nappy rash cream, or petroleum jelly filled ‘paw paw’ ointments (which contained less that 2% papaya) to treat their fresh artwork.

With neither product being tailored to healing a delicate fresh tattoo, Xenon and Luke started researching the best way to heal their artwork.

Fuelled by the passion to deliver a high-quality Australian made product to their community, the brothers worked hard to create Dr Pickles’ first signature product: the Original Formula Tattoo Balm.

The business started very humbly, however innovative thinking and hard work soon positioned Dr Pickles as industry trailblazer and paved the way for Dr Pickles products to be retailed in tattoo studios, barbers, pharmacy, selling in Woolworths and distributing world-wide.