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Hustle Butter Display Pack of 24 1oz. Jars

Hustle Butter Deluxe is a rich, creamy, 100%-natural, vegan replacement for all petroleum-based products that are used as tattoo lubricants before, during and after tattooing. If this is what you use while you tattoo your clients, then this 1oz. jar is ideal for those want to have their own personal jar to take home from your shop. 24 1oz jars are included in a display, which makes for an easy set-up and a quick buy.

Hustle Butter Deluxe is made from papaya, mango, cocoa, shea, and other butters. It is beneficial for both you and your client because it instantly soothes the skin and promotes healing by reducing redness, swelling, and bleeding. For the artist, it preserves stencils, remains workable, and eliminates overworked highlight without excess build up like petroleum and as a result, clogged tubes.

24 tubs of 1oz HUSTLE BUTTER displayed in a professional looking counter top box.

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